Temperature33-75° F. Cooler temperatures are preferred but will not tolerate freezing conditions.
LightBright light to full sun.
WaterAlways keep soil wet but not soggy. Does not tolerate drought.
FertilizerNone while in bloom. During growth phase, light feed with an acidic type plant food.
SoilAcidic peat moss and sand. Must be well drained.
USDA Zone(s)Zone 9 and cooler parts of zone 10 only. Primarily for indoor use. Click here for a zone map.
AvailabilityMid November - December
Care Information
After the blooms fade, Christmas Bells can be planted in the ground in a full sun area (in the appropriate climate zone.) In warmer climates, plant in lightly shaded areas. After blossoms have faded, cut the plant back without cutting into leafless wood. Periodic feeding with iron sulfate will keep the pH acidic but discontinue this before buds appear. Ericas cannot tolerate freezing temperatures; therefore, they would not survive outdoors in cold areas.