TemperatureIdeal 50-75° F. Tolerates -20° to 80°F.
LightHigh light indoors. Full sun outdoors.
FertilizerAll-purpose balanced fertilizer.
SoilWell drained, loamy. A mix of peatmoss, firbark, pumice and sand (2:1:1:1 ratio) is recommended.
USDA Zone(s)Zones 5-9. Click here for a zone map.
AvailabilityMarch - June
After Care
It is an easy to care for houseplant, and is suitable in many areas as a perennial, and in colder climes as an annual. Our ornamental oregano is a lovely addition to a rock garden, herb gardens for its fragrant foliage, and as a border plant. In colder climates, it is utilized as a flowering annual in hanging baskets, and window boxes. Ok to cut back to keep plant tidy and to induce growth of new leaves.
Plant warning
Kent's Beauty Oregano is not intended for consumption.