TemperatureIdeal is 50-80° F. but will tolerate 33-90° F.
LightFull sun. Will tolerate 2-3 weeks indoors under bright light.
WaterWater thoroughly but allow to dry between watering. Must have good drainage.
FertilizerNone required while blooming. Feed lightly with balanced fertilizer after the plant has finished blooming.
SoilLoose, well draining soil.
USDA Zone(s)Zones 8 - 9. Click here for a zone map.
AvailabilityJanuary - September
After Care
When planting outside, plant them in a sunny location in well draining soil. Once acclimated, they can be quite drought tolerant. Before winter, prune down to about 6-8 inches and mulch well to protect from the cold. Lavender will probably not survive a freeze. When repotting the lavender, select a soil mix and container that will allow adequate drainage. Do not allow the plant to stand in water. Trim back between blooming periods and when the roots start protruding through the bottom of the pot, repot (after blooming) to the next size larger pot. Bring indoors when it gets cold but lavenders need the sun so take it outdoors as soon as weather permits. Trim the head after the blossoms have faded and cut off any unwanted new growth that might appear on the stem or at the base of the plant.