TemperatureHardy to 90° F.
LightLikes a lot of light but avoid overly hot sunny windows. Keep in well-ventilated area away from heat vents and cold drafts.
WaterKeep soil constantly moist but not soggy.
FertilizerNone required while blooming. Use all-purpose plant food 2-3 times a month during growth period.
SoilPeat moss, topsoil (2:1 ratio.)
USDA Zone(s)Zones 9 -10. Click here for a zone map.
AvailabilityJanuary - June, November - December
Care Information
Can be planted outdoors in temperature to warm climates. Can take full sun in all but the hottest climate areas. Likes to climb but can be used as an attractive ground cover. Needs some pruning to keep it looking neat.