TemperatureTolerates 40-90 degrees. Ideal at 70 degrees F. In dormancy, can tolerate temperatures down to 17 degrees F.
LightPrefers medium, diffused light.
WaterKeep evenly moist at all times. Excessive dry soil will cause yellow foliage.
FertilizerEvenly balanced time-release capsules work well.
SoilWell-draining soil.
USDA Zone(s)6. Click here for a zone map.
AvailabilitySeptember & October
Care Information
This herbaceous perennial is native to Southern Europe, South Asia and Japan. A member of the nightshade family, Asian Lantern Wreath bears fruit with a thin, papery covering which resemble paper lanterns. It is recommended to enjoy your Asian Lantern Wreath indoors as this plant spreads by rhizomes and is difficult to eradicate in the garden.