Temperature34-90°F. Cooler night temperatures (40-55°F) intensify leaf coloration.
LightMedium to high light. Full sun brings out leaf coloration.
WaterKeep on the dry side. Do not over water.
FertilizerEnjoys balanced time-release fertilizer
SoilAny well-draining, sandy soil
USDA Zone(s)8-10. Click here for a zone map.
AvailabilityYear round
Care Information
Enjoy the rich, velvety leaves of Devotion® Echeveria! To maintain red color in the leaves, keep under high light and in cool night temperatures. Can be planted outdoors in temperate to warm climates. Can take full sun. Its spreading branches are a lovely addition to a rock garden.
Patent Information
Asexual Propagation Prohibited. USPP #27,118