Temperature34°-90°F. Protect from frost.
LightHigh light. More exposure to light prevents plants from stretching.
WaterKeep on the dry side. Do not over water.
FertilizerEnjoys balanced time-release fertilizer.
SoilAny coarse well-draining soil. Mixing with pumice or lava rock is recommended.
USDA Zone(s)5-10. Click here for a zone map.
AvailabilityYear round
Care Information
Hens & Chicks are commonly sempervivum, although some of our varieties are echeveria. As most succulents, Hens & Chicks are highly drought tolerant. Can be planted outdoors and work excellent in rock gardens. The "chicks", or off sets can be broken off and planted to produce more "hens". If kept indoors, make sure to keep in an area with full sun and good air circulation.