Can I purchase plants directly from your company?
After 4 generations & 110 glorious years in floriculture, we at Hana Bay Flowers and Bay City Flower Company have decided that the time has come for us to wind down the selling of our flowers. While there are many reasons for our decision to exit floriculture, the essential one is that it has become increasingly difficult to run a flower farm and compete nationally while operating in the costliest place in the nation. While we are sad to share this news with you, at the same time, we celebrate the multitude of accomplishments we have achieved over these many years in partnership with our associates, customers, vendors & community. We first started in Half Moon Bay in 1959. The city has always been supportive of us and we will forever be grateful for all the past 60+ years as well as future years of affiliation.
Can I plant your plants outside?
Depending on your zone, yes. Please click here for a zone map and refer to our Blooming Plants page to find care information on your specific plant.
Where can I find a zone map?
Right here! Please click here for a zone map.